Your life is about to change forever.  Okay, not really.  But a man can dream.

So, here’s what you need to know:

(1)  This site lists what I think are the best parking options for your auditions.  If I prefer an option, it will be in this pretty bold red font.  Also, when I say “unrestricted” parking, that means there is no time limit, but you still need to pay attention to street cleaning signs.  Always READ THE SIGNS!

(2)  While I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of information on this site, I make no guarantee as to that accuracy.  Information can change.  So again, be sure to READ THE SIGNS!

(3)  I have attempted to make this site as comprehensive as possible, but I’m sure there are plenty of unintentional errors and omissions.  If you notice anything that needs to be updated, drop me a line.

(4)  DO NOT (read those words again… and then once more) use the addresses on this site for mailing purposes or to drop by casting offices unannounced… not only for the obvious reasons, but many addresses may be temporary offices specific to a project.

(5)  Please note that some CDs cast at multiple locations and/or under multiple company names (e.g., a CD may cast under John Smith Casting and Smith/Jones Casting).  Therefore, please double check to ensure you are accessing the correct listing.

(6)  CDs and companies are listed alphabetically by FIRST name.  Why?  Because.

(7)  A final note to any litigious types.  While I’m thrilled that you’re using the site, I will not be held responsible for anything resulting from your use of the site.  If you’re late to an audition because there were no spaces where I told you to look… not my fault.  If your car gets ticketed, towed, impounded, scratched, dented, totaled, keyed, made fun of, or bird shat upon… not my fault.  Etc., etc.  Always give yourself plenty of time to find parking and always.. wait for it… READ THE SIGNS!