On Your Mark Studios
13425 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Where to park:

  • Greenbush (cross street to the west) — There is plenty of 2-hour parking from 8a-6p on Greenbush both north and south of Ventura.  But, try the north side first… it’s more convenient.  Street cleaning is Thursday/Friday 8a-10a.
  • Moorpark (parallel to Ventura, 1 long ass block to the north) — There is plenty of unrestricted parking on Moorpark.  Street cleaning is Thursday/Friday 8a-10a.
  • Dixie Canyon (cross street to west) — NORTH of Ventura, you need to pay attention to the signs.  On the west side of the street, you only have to worry about street cleaning.  But the east side of the street abuts a school, so there is only limited 2-hour parking from 9a-1:30p on school days.  PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS… there are a lot of loading zones.  Street cleaning is Thursday/Friday 8a-10a.  SOUTH of Ventura, go past the few meters at the corner, and you’ll find ample 2-hour parking from 8a-6p.  Street cleaning is Thursday/Friday 8a-10a.
  • AS A LAST RESORT, there are 2-hour meters on Ventura (as well as on the corners at Dixie Canyon).  The cost is $1/hour, and the meters accept credit cards, $1 coins, and quarters.  Hours of operation are 8a-8p M-Sa.

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